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The Luxury Pools audience aligns perfectly with our marketing strategy. We've had success advertising with them through email, digitally, and in print, and we plan to continue to explore new opportunities to partner with them in the future. 

Ledge Loungers

Jacy Kiefer

My office in englewood worked with Nitchie on this magazine and they did a great job for us.  Nitchie stated that some agents from Michael Saunders & Company have contacted her asking about Demographics.  I can vouch for this publication and the excellent editorial they did for us on Palm Island.  This resulted in two listing over 1 million on palm island. I will tell you that we have been very happy with them and Nitchie has been great in assisting us through any challenges.  LOVE THIS!

Michael Saunders Real Estate

Mary Smedley

For 25 years, I have been dedicated to becoming a Master Dentist. To be the best, you have to work with the best. Each issue in Northshore Magazine, I showcase the Dentistry I provide to my patients. Northshore Magazine allows me to reach the people looking for the best the Northshore has to provide.

Frank DiMauro DMD

Frank DiMauro

Luxury Pools magazine has been very fruitful so far.  We have received several large leads, and so far, we have converted on really big one in North Carolina.

Ryan Hughes Design

Ryan Hughes

By reaching consumers through all touchpoints—print, digital, social, and mobile—we’re exponentially increasing brand awareness and ROI.

International Magazines

Picture your brand sitting in the finest hotels, boutiques, and dealerships and displayed on corresponding websites for the world to see. Let’s raise your brand awareness and drive traffic to your product by finding your optimal consumers.

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Premier Regional Magazines

Let us reach those elite and localized consumers you never thought were possible by spanning the map and placing your brand in incredible regional media channels and subsequent digital space where the demand is as astonishing as the locations.

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High End Digital Space

We reach the connected consumer through our elite online media, cutting edge apps, and targeted e-commerce and social media ad placements for a real-time, impactful interaction with your tech-savvy audience.

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